The global health workforce gap is a major issue impacting well-being in the world. IT innovation and capacity provides a unique opportunity to address this issue, and we see three key domains where IT can help:

  • Infrastructure (fiber, satellites, routers, wireless networks)
  • Devices (phones, pads, computers, rapid and point of care diagnostics)
  • Software (learning management, mHealth applications, gaming interfaces,
    digital libraries and books, smart forms, clinical support tools)

The GETHealth Summit aims to bring together a global audience of health care providers, researchers, educators, and administrators in the medical industry, as well as leaders in the pharmaceutical, business, philanthropic, and technological fields to generate fresh knowledge, partnerships, and ideas that will more effectively leverage the three IT domains (infrastructure, devices, software) to address the critical health workforce gap.

Call to Action

Bob Bollinger, MD has been quietly frustrated for some time. As a clinician-scientist, he has fought infectious disease in the developing world for 25 years, studying leprosy, AIDS, TB, and malaria in regions where poverty, malnutrition, and poor healthcare doom inhabitants to bitterly hard lives and early deaths. "Yet," he says, "the doctor in me knows there is a lot more we can do to help these people.

The Center for Clinical Global Health Education improves the quality of care that patients receive directly from their own healthcare providers. Under Dr. Bollinger's leadership, the Center has set out to use modern technology like telemedicine and distance learning to bring the expertise of John Hopkins faculty from both laboratory and clinic to the world's neediest countries and people.

Global Partnerships Forum

Unifying leaders from across sectors to address global challenges, Global Partnerships Forum fosters economic growth and prosperity around the world. GPF collaborates with business innovators, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, investors, and thought influencers to encourage investments that promote social improvement and work towards the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals.